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KOMBO is a black-owned app for all of your Dance, Fitness, Yoga, and Meditation needs. Our platform not only hosts a diverse group of instructors, but also provides a diversity of training necessary to truly feel the difference.

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​​No matter your needs or experience level, you’ll never be out of Dance, Yoga, Meditation, Fitness classes to choose from. Videos On-Demand, Livestream Classes, Q&A’s and more. 

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Beyond dance, yoga, meditation and fitness | KOMBO wants to have a massive impact on our community’s well-being during these trying times, and beyond. By becoming a student of KOMBO, you are also supporting a company who will be contributing regularly to a cause that matters. A dollar from every subscription will go to Rainforest Alliance so as we get in our best shape we also help the planet get in her best shape.

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What are people saying

“Whether you are a dancer who needs yoga + fitness, a yogi that wants to dance & move, or an active person that’s interested in different types of movement.. this is for you! I love the variety of classes. Something for each mood! Super excited about this!”

<p><span style="color: #000000;">Ivy Fijal</span></p>, <p>On App Store</p>

Ivy Fijal

On App Store

“I really loved all the different categories that you can explore within the app. The fact that fundamentals, choreography and wellness are all in this one app, you would never need to use any other app because it has everything you need”

<p><span style="color: #000000;">Jazz Washington</span></p>, <p>On App Store</p>

Jazz Washington

On App Store

“Phenomenal dance content, but also great fitness, meditation, yoga content made specifically for dancers. The teachers are AMAZING and I love that I can combine videos to make a great hour of training for myself. Excited to use this app on the daily!”

<p><span style="color: #000000;">Alisa Oko Okamoto</span></p>, <p>On App Store</p>

Alisa Oko Okamoto

On App Store

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